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Zendesk license

Kundelab is an approved Zendesk Select Partner and sells Zendesk licenses. Many people find it difficult to know which licenses they need in the beginning. When ordering via Kundelab, we will review your needs and ensure that you choose the right license level to achieve your goals.

Implementation of a new solution

To ensure a scalable solution and full utilization of all functions, many choose to get help from an experienced Zendesk consultant. We take ownership of the entire project and assist you throughout the journey. We familiarize ourselves well with their business and ensure that the system supports their objectives.

Adaptations and streamlining

We can assist you with adaptations and guidance so that your solution works optimally. This can be anything from installation and configuration of applications, advanced workflows, streamlining and scalability, views, better reports, new channels and the like.


We offer a complete training course via video meeting or on-site with you. The training is adapted to their needs, normally as a combination of teaching and individual tasks. Good training ensures the employees the right conditions to provide exceptional customer experiences.

Integrations and app development

A lot can be solved with fully developed apps in Zendesk’s app store. In those cases where, on the other hand, there is a need for in-house developed applications or integrations, Kundelab can, together with partners, build specially adapted integrations that connect their systems to Zendesk.

Zendesk administrator for rent

Do you have a regular need for small changes, onboarding of new employees, new reports or the like, but not necessarily a need for a full-time position? With Kundelab, you can get a competent Zendesk consultant who knows your system and assists within an agreed framework.

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