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Support Suite

Make it easy for your customers

Offer customer service through channels that are convenient for your customers, so it’s easy for them to get the answers they need.

Kundeservice system Zendesk Support Suite

Meet your customers where they are

Provide support anywhere so your customers can always reach you. The conversation keeps in touch, no matter how they choose to make contact (over messages, chat, social media, email or phone).

Give customers the opportunity to
help themselves

Build an integrated help center and forum. Customers can solve problems at their own pace – while reducing the solution time for customer advisors.

Add a personal touch that scales

Customize the experience for each customer, even as you grow. Use automation and AI-powered robots to gather the right information and ensure that customers never have to repeat themselves.

Kundeservice system Zendesk Support Suite

Set your team up for success

Help client advisors, administrators and in-house teams do their best. Zendesk offers robust tools that are easy to use.

Manage and respond from one place

Makes it easier to track, prioritize and respond to customers with a single work area. With a complete customer context – including 1200+ pre-built integrations – customer advisors can provide better and more personalized support.

Increase efficiency

Save time for customer advisors with collaboration tools that are effectively connected to internal and external partners. Help them respond faster with predefined answers and the right details for each inquiry.

Work smarter with routing and intelligence

Leverage built-in routing and intelligence to gather critical details and reduce data entry. In addition, the system can escalate the case to the customer advisor who is best suited to help.

Delivers scalable self-service content

Make it easy to manage your knowledge base with the Zendesk Knowledge Capture app. Divide your workload by getting agents to contribute expertise directly from the work area in which they work.

Keep your business in sync

Customize your system with an open and flexible platform that you can scale, expand and optimize as your business changes.

Kundeservice system Zendesk Support Suite

Integrate with your systems

Integrate all relevant customer data using Zendesk’s powerful API. Zendesk’s app store also has 1200+ pre-developed applications and integrations that can be installed.

Manage an overall view of your customer

Create an overall view of your customer. Use it to customize experiences across the entire customer journey. Zendesk gives you the insight your customer advisors need, gathered in one user interface.

Make sense of it all with actionable insight

Analyze, monitor and act on what your customers need. Everything works across sales, service and third-party systems with user-friendly analysis and reporting.

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